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Notre Dame Football: One Thought for Florida State - Spoiler Edition

Will FSU Embrace the Role of “Spoiler”?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Northwestern
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This is a very weird game as the Florida State Seminoles head North this week. Looking at the start of the season, college football fans were anticipating a matchup between (at the very least) ranked teams playing a meaningful November game. Add in the fact that it is a night game in South Bend on senior day adds in some extra oomph for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. However, FSU’s season has been wildly disappointing, losing every single big matchups they’ve had by a total of 188-75 (VT, Clemson, Miami, NC State, Syracuse). Those numbers are pretty pathetic looking at where FSU has been over the last 5 years.

Needless to say, Willie Taggart and the gang are having a bad year, and have been losing very badly. His squad has the talent to be dangerous, but has just been atrocious. Ok, I will stop the ragging on FSU and get to the point (though ragging is a simply delightful experience)

This game could go one of 2 ways in my book, and am curious to see what the general consensus is.


-FSU plays the, “Spoiler” role and embellishes their underdog status and uses this as a momentum builder heading into the final games/next season.

This is a dangerous team to face if this is the case. They take a, “nothing to lose” mentality and this approach shows itself in multiple trick plays, guys playing loose, and ultimately not caring about the overall outcome of the game. They want to be competitive and have things that can be looked at as positive in a season full (completely full) of negatives. This season is already over for FSU, so why not come out with your hair on fire, if just for prides sake?

-FSU gets off the plane, feels the freezing cold of South Bend and plans to limp through the game and make it to the off season ASAP.

This is more of what I am thinking. FSU wants this season to be done. They have no desire to play a freezing night game against a superior opponent. Their players want it to be the off season and Willie Taggart and company will have the off season to build things back up. The players don’t play with tons of discipline and come out sluggish. Notre Dame wins big and have time to get the walk on seniors an opportunity to see some game action. Similarly, the season is over, so why get up for a game when you just don’t want to have any more injuries before the season ends? Et Tu FSU?


Now it is time to get in your vote, and share your responses below!


Will FSU embrace the role as, "Spoiler"

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  • 40%
    Yes-this is a tough one for the Irish
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  • 59%
    No-They roll on their backs and limp out of South Bend
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Arnie’s Corner

As many readers are aware, one of my main article consultants is my Dad, a former NCAA finalist for Notre Dame in Track and Field. He wanted to add in the following: “I think they will be like Miami in the Sun Bowl, hoodies, long sleeves, and looking very cold. The Irish come out in short sleeves and smoked them”. Let’s hope his logic plays true, and as always, GO IRISH!