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Is Tim Brando Always Drunk When He Talks About Notre Dame Football?

Threat level GIN!

NABC Guardians of the Game Awards Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images for Naismith Award

It’s hard to imagine an easier target for hot take artists than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program. Notre Dame goes against the grain more so than any other program in the country because of how unique the program is, how the school operates, and the rich history of being a blue-blood of the sport.

It’s also a school that has made many enemies in the media because sports journalists can’t handle anything that seems “out of the box.” Notre Dame is the monkey wrench that gets thrown into a lot of their basic talking points that revolve around conferences and geography. It’s why you hear things like:

  • SEC speed
  • Big 12 defense
  • Physical Big 10

It’s like the laziest shit imaginable.

So what about Tim Brando?

Timmy B is old. I’m 40, and I remember him on CBS when I was kid watching college football each Saturday with my father. Say what you want about Brando, but he’s survived all these years in a business that has become increasingly more about entertainment than actual journalism. Even the “background stories” are far more about hooking you as a viewer than actually presenting the sport of college football — it’s just the world we live in.

We also live in a world of 24 hour news cycles and social media. A ridiculous HOT TAKE thrown out into the public back in the day (say early 90’s) never came close to moving the needle quite like a an early morning poop session on the toilet with a Twitter machine in one hand. What’s worse, is that these “thoughts” get spread around and treated like actual news.

I suppose I’m part of the problem as I can never resist a good rebuttal, or even a chance to have a good laugh. DAMN YOU 2018!

So, it comes back to that old guard trying to stay alive in the new era — and Tim Brando just can’t help himself. When it comes to Notre Dame, he REALLY can’t help himself and loves to make the yearly NOTRE DAME TO THE ACC / BIG 10 / IVY prediction. It’s tradition.

Today though, we were treated to some real gold when he tweeted out his disgust about the Irish in the college football playoff:

He’s drunk — right? Well maybe, but even that would make no difference in his opinions.

  • “SUN BELT” What Timmy B meant to say was “warm weather school.” Brando forgets how nuanced these things can get and probably lost half of his viewers to confusion when inadvertently brought Troy, Arkansas State, Louisiana-Monroe and other SEC cupcake friends into the discussion.
  • He lazily brings up the “13th data point.” Like, he’s so pissed that Notre Dame will be in the playoff without having to play a conference championship game. He’s another in the flock of bird that keeps forgetting about their precious Alabama or Ohio State in recent years. That “playoff privilege” he so proudly throws out there, isn’t really a privilege for Notre Dame if they would be the 3rd team to have made the playoff without a conference title in the young history of the contest.
  • The status quo. I hate to break it to Timmy B, but he IS the status quo when it comes to ranting lunatics denouncing Notre Dame’s admission into the playoff. They 100% earned their place with a 12-0 record that saw 10 wins against Power 5 schools, 4 top 25 wins, and no FCS schools on the schedule. Sorry bro — you’re just another hater.

So maybe Tim was drunk, or just had some time to kill in the bathroom this morning, but it’s nothing out of character for this relic of the sport. Tim Brando has never fundamentally understood Notre Dame, and there’s no evidence to say he ever will.

Bless his heart.