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ALL GOLD EVERYTHING: The Story Of ESPN’s Clown Takes On Notre Dame Football This Season

How many times was Desmond wrong? lol

jafar amrmstrong, notre dame, michigan
Jafar Armstrong
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

While this week is about conference championships for the rest of the country, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are 12-0 and resting up before they prepare for the college football playoff.

Right now, it’s a time for Irish fans to beat their chests a little bit after all of the nonsense that was said about them this year. I already published a piece addressing this topic earlier today, but a lot of the heat in that post was aimed at ESPN.

ESPN is, whether you want to admit it or not, the gatekeepers of the college football conversation for the nation. While their opinions matter very little to the playoff committee, they still tend to create a story of their own that adds a little extra (not always good) to the season.

Here’s a well done video that highlights how wrong ESPN College GameDay was about Notre Dame for most of the season. Enjoy:


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