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Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football: The View From Outside

Playoff Like A Champion Today

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Notre Dame v USC Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In any given year, when we reach the end of the college football season, my family is, without a doubt, sick and tired of hearing me talk about Notre Dame Fighting Irish football. This year is no different. My daughter made two oh so typical comments on Saturday. One, that I was boring because I wanted to watch football all day on Saturday. (Hello? Have you met your mother?) And two, that I love football more than my family because I plan on ditching the family during the holidays and travel to wherever Notre Dame ends up playing. (Again ... have you met me?)

My husband mentioned to me in passing last week that he wanted to give me his point of view on Notre Dame football. This intrigued me as he’s only a ND fan by association, and also because he’s just as tired of me talking about Notre Dame football as the next family member. So here are his thoughts on the 2018 Notre Dame regular season, from the point of view of an innocent bystander, written right after we got home from New York City. I hope you like it!

“So I thought I would give everyone an outsider’s viewpoint of the 2018 Notre Dame football team. Actually, I’m not really an outsider since my wife went to Notre Dame and even writes for this website, but I do have a tendency to look at Notre Dame football a bit more critically than she does. Especially since I did not have the wonderful experiences she had when she was a student at Notre Dame. However, this allows me to look at it as just a true sports fan.”

“In years past when I’ve watched Notre Dame football, I haven’t truly been impressed with any of the teams. Yes, they’ve had some good teams that were fun to watch, and that could win games, but I never really felt that they were quite dominant enough to be a national contender. This includes the year they did go to the national title game (2012). This year, however, is much different. After watching the team play Syracuse at Yankee Stadium, and witnessing the complete route of what was supposed to be the 12th placed team in the country, I have to say that this team is more impressive to me than any team I have seen in the last 20 years. Honestly, that game was a few missed plays from being 50 - 0.”

“Now it’s hard for me to say if they are talented enough to beat an Alabama or a Clemson, but unlike the 2012 season, I think they actually have a chance this year. And as a Notre Dame fan, I think that’s all you can ask for. Nobody gave Clemson a chance against Alabama when they won the national championship, so you can probably see my point. I think it’s time that Notre Dame fans get excited about the team they have. And in my opinion, the only team who can beat Notre Dame is Notre Dame.”

Well, I think the last part of his viewpoint is definitely true, especially after watching Notre Dame try and beat themselves last week against Southern Cal. Regardless of whether or not our strength of schedule is as tough as Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma or Ohio State, I also believe that this year’s Notre Dame squad is the real deal. Do I think they can beat the likes of Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State or Oklahoma? Heck yes. Seriously, if a 2-10 Arkansas team can put up 31 points on Alabama, don’t you think the Notre Dame offense could do some serious scoring on Alabama?

I’m excited to watch the conference championship games this weekend, and will anxiously await the final CFB playoff show on Sunday. What say you? Will Notre Dame be in the top four? Will Georgia somehow knock off Alabama? Do you foresee any big upsets this weekend? Thank goodness my daughter is back at school and I can watch football ALL DAY ON SATURDAY!

Cheers & GO IRISH!


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