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Notre Dame Football Haiku And Limerick Too: USC Trojans

Our weekly poetry throwdown wants to stay PERFECT!

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

There’s a big game on Saturday, and it’s not The Big Game. It’s the annual rivalry game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the USC Trojans. Sure... Southern Cal is having a rough season with a 5-6 record while the Irish are a perfect 11-0.

So... I guess it’s only a big game to us.

Time to finish strong. This post is late, but with it being Thanksgiving — y’all will need some bathroom time and I know y’all will have your phone or tablet in hand.


The Jeweled Shillelagh,
An undefeated season,
BK 2.0!

Mountain Dew Code Red
Bombay Sapphire Gin with ice
Trojan Blood for all!

Time to let it out,
Playoff like a champion,
Southern Cal sucks ass.

Perhaps I’ll pen a limerick during my eating downtime. Good luck...