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3 Things from the Notre Dame 36-3 Victory over Syracuse

I’ve had a hankering for orange juice since Saturday evening

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Notre Dame Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports


Oh wow. Demolishing a Top 12 team like that is something I want to see always. What a fun time despite the uniforms. After absolutely dominating the Syracuse Orange, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are 11-0. Still undefeated in Shamrock Series games (hopefully that stays that way) and still undefeated in this season. 1 win away against a down USC team away from being 12-0 and a chance to play for the College Football Playoff. THIS IS FUN, PEOPLE!!!

After the game, I want, like always, to tell you about some postgame thoughts of mine from the game. Away we go.

3 Things from the ND-Cuse Game

This is all about appreciation for Alohi Gilman.

The dude is absolutely awesome. Up until this past game, he didn’t get much love. He has had an under-the-radar season. But, he has 66 total tackles on the season. His 2 interceptions on Saturday were things of beauty. Thank you very much to Alohi for his incredible contribution to the secondary. We needed him to have a season like he has, and he delivered. Take a bow, my man. What a baller he is.

Notre Dame v Syracuse Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Our defense is phenomenal.

This isn’t news, and I’ve sung their praises all season. However, in light of comments made by the genius talking heads of the World Wide Leader of Sports, I want to reiterate this again. I don’t care that Cuse didn’t have their starting QB for most of the game, they were going nowhere of note on offense. It’s that domination that we have needed this season and in many years. They are an incredible unit that yes has had to work through some injuries and issues with the nickle, but they have helped immensely in getting us to this point. They still haven’t given up more than 27 points in a game this season. It’s incredible.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Notre Dame Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Enjoy the ride. That’s what I’m going to do.

The Irish team is objectively better than USC. I’m obviously going to have some nerves for the magnititude of the game and the rivalry, but the confidence is there. I encourage all of you to take it all in on Saturday night. Appreciate the work that the whole team and whole coaching staff has done this year. Appreciate it and love it so that we can give USC hell. It’s been a fun ride. Let’s finish this out, strong.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Notre Dame Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports