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The Anti-Preview: #3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS #12 Syracuse Orange

Another showdown for the hearts and minds of New York wallets!

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And now we have arrived at the OH MY GOD PORTION of the football season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. At 10-0, the Irish are 2 wins away from locking up a spot in the college football playoff for the first time — and a chance (a chance) to win a national championship.

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly

Yes... I said it.

First things first, however, and the Irish must travel to New York City to take on the Syracuse Orange in this year’s version of the Shamrock Series in Yankee Stadium.

I’ve said it many, many times... this whole thing is stupid. The venue sucks, the date sucks, the uniform design sucks, and listening to people try to defend this turd sandwich sucks. But... there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so I guess we just have to Anti-Preview our way out of this.


I’m almost certain I have gone this route already this year, but given the situation and the fact that it’s the best fucking cocktail in the world... we ride again my friends.

The Old Fashioned


I know I’m supposed to give some type of reason here — but I have none. I’m just going with my gut, and my gut is cravinf something fantastic.

Lobster Rolls


The last time Notre Dame wore the blue jerseys and gold helmets for a game was back on October 13 — and it’s also the last time the Irish will wear that combo this year. I can think of nothing better to wear against Syracuse than those blue jerseys — you know the one.


  • This will be the third time the Irish will have played in the new Yankee Stadium. Notre Dame played Army here in 2010 before it was even called the Shamrock Series, and of course that epic Pinstripe Bowl win over Rutgers.
  • If you didn’t catch it in our fashion section, Syracuse is still pretty sore about Tim Brown winning the 1987 Heisman Trophy over Dom McPherson.
  • This is the highest ranked matchup of the weekend. Talk about a prop bet that could have been sweet.
  • Syracuse is going to look better than Notre Dame... at least with their threads:


I keep hearing about Notre Dame having to score a lot of points in this game to win. I think that people are either overrating Syracuse’s offense or underrating Notre Dame’s defense. Actually — I think both. Syracuse is a team that wants to run a ton of plays, but with the Ian Book passing game and a steady diet of Dexter Williams, the Irish offense is going to limit those possessions for those high number of plays. On the flipside, Notre Dame is too good on the defensive front to allow Syracuse to make enough plays to keep drives alive. I don’t think this will be that close: IRISH 41, ORANGE 20