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Notre Dame Football Haiku And Limerick Too: Syracuse Orange

The weekly poetry throwdown feels a little sick.

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The 10-0 Notre Dame Fighting Irish will head to New York this week to take on the Syracuse Orange inside Yankee Stadium. Yes... the Shamrock Series is upon us. Just about every nightmare scenario we envisioned back in the spring when this game was announced is coming true.

But does it have to?

I get that Syracuse is a top 15 team, but the Irish seem to be playing at such a high level right now — I MEAN WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

We better just get to the lines.

Pinstripe uniforms,
I feel like barfing non-stop,

Irish 10 and O
No Shamrock Series surprise,
Dueces up Dexter!

The Irish get back the good Book,
And you might want to take a good look,
After wide receivers catch passes,
And the line puts Syracuse on their asses,
Dexter throws out oranges to cook.

It is your sacred duty to get all up in there and drop your own lines. Two games to go... MAKE THEM GREAT! (or at least better than mine — shouldn’t be too hard).