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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Florida State Seminoles: Top Player Performances

Strong play from the first snap lead to a dominant victory.

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

I predicted the game would be over by the end of the second quarter, after the Notre Dame Fighting Irish built a big lead and the Florida State Seminoles were too cold and depressed to keep playing. Well, I was wrong. The game was effectively over after the second play when Nick Coleman almost returned and interception for a touchdown. Notre Dame totally outclassed Florida State by a score of 42-13

Brandon Wimbush

How can you not love everything this guy stands for? Brandon Wimbush is 13-3 as a starter and will be better known for how he handled being benched in favor of Ian Book. He got the start with Book down with an injury and he made the most of it. Wimbush threw for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns, also adding 68 yards running. We saw him struggle, but I loved being able to watch Brandon Wimbush go out the right way. A senior quarterback lead his team to victory on senior night. Kudos to you Brandon, and thank you for four great years.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Coleman

Another senior to make the list. We have seen the good and the very bad from Nick Coleman. This is not just a tribute to Coleman for being a senior, he actually played a great football game. It started on the second play when he intercepted a Florida State pass and returned it to the three yard line. Look, Notre Dame needs a nickelback to step up and play solid defense. Nick Coleman has struggled in his ND career, but I am all on board with him turning it around and playing his best football down the stretch.

Alize Mack

Rounding out the list with, yes, another senior. Alize Mack is becoming a weapon. His attitude and attention to detail have done a complete 180. He is a complete football player. Mack can block with the best of them and is now making a huge impact in the passing game. How about two touchdowns on senior night? That will work just fine. With Ian Book hopefully being back for the next game, watch out for Alize Mack the final two games.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame is 10-0 and headed to Yankee Stadium to play Syracuse. Looking at the 2018 schedule before the year started, I was amazed at how many tough games Notre Dame would have. I did not factor Syracuse into this list. As it turns out, Syracuse might be the second best team that Notre Dame will play all year.

A battle with the #13 team in the country is up next for the Irish.