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Notre Dame Football: One Thought for Pittsburgh- Scary Games Edition

Who is the Scariest Opponent Left on the Schedule?

NCAA Football: Stanford at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


Last week we focused on the question....”Are we REALLY doing this?” This week we shift to the short and sweet answer...Yes, we are really doing this. Despite a large portion of the fan base diving headfirst into the College Playoff pool....I am simply dipping my toes in and testing the waters first.

The statistics that are constantly been displayed around the college football landscape this week are that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are favored in every remaining game. Do I think we can do it? Yes. Does it terrify me to think of the potential downfalls in each of the remaining games? absofreakinglutely. It is also getting closer to Halloween, so I will roll with this scary theme.

And so I digress.

The remaining games on the schedule are honestly all scary for one reason or another. I want to provide reasons that scare me for each remaining game, either rooted in statistics or just gut feels. Vote and share the reason why certain games scare you, or simply tell me why you have have no fears. Go Irish!

Pittsburgh Panthers

-Pitt has historically played us very tough. 2012 was an absolute nail biter that we squeaked out in triple overtime. Both ND and Pitt are coming off emotional hard fought wins, so both teams could be primed for let downs. Let’s hope that Pitt is more worn out after a thrilling overtime victory vs. Syracuse last week.

Bye Week

-We can win the Bye week by getting Daelin Hayes and Jafar Armstrong back and recovered. This will also be great to prepare for the option attack of Navy.

Navy Midshipmen

-The Option. That is all.

Northwestern Wildcats

-Northwestern’s record does not reflect the type of team they are. Pat Fitzgerald is a very good coach who will get his guys up for this game. What scares me about this game is playing in Evanston in the afternoon. The atmosphere is always cold, windy, and tough to get amped up for opposing schools.

Florida State Seminoles

-Florida State stinks this year. However, they have a lot of talent. For them this will be a potential redemption game or a “end the season on a high note” type of game. I think ND gets up for the game because of the history though.

Syracuse Orange

-This team has been playing very well this year, beating FSU and coming within a few plays of knocking off the Clemson Tigers for the second straight year. Also, the Black Helmets we are wearing terrify me. If we lose it will always be known as the “curse of the black helmet” game....

USC Trojans

-The LA teens are always intimidating. Also, I am still scarred from sitting at the 2014 game.....Let’s hope we are undefeated and demolish the Trojans.



What is the Scariest Remaining Game?

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