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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes for Virginia Tech

Get in your Takes and See How We Did Last Week!

julian love notre dame
Julian Love
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

How’d we do last week?

As mentioned last week, I will feature the Most Interesting, Most Wildly Inaccurate, and Most Accurate Takes from the previous week. Here we go!


GoPhils26 with the rare take (currently googling Michelob ultra Lime Cactus)

Wildy Inaccurate

Sorry NDFunFax.....Not Today.


Incredible takes here by BmQuig5.

And now onto this weeks take for the matchup between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Virginia Tech Hokies

Cold Take

Nic Weishar has 2 catches, 1 touchdown, and under 15 yards.

I love Nic Weishar. He hasn’t been playing a ton, but gets in for goal line packages and catches everything. He is the definition of sneaky.....He is not huge, not overly fast, but he knows how to get open and Ian Book trusts him. I love looking at his stat lines after games.

Hot Take

We score a special teams touchdown on the night Virginia Tech honors the master himself, Frank Beamer.

Growing up Virginia Tech was easily my second favorite team behind the Irish. I was obsessed with Michael Vick, but also in love with Beamer Ball. Beamer ball consists of suffocating special teams plays, highlighted by electric returns, trick plays, and a plethora of blocked punts. The Irish take one look at that statue being put up and end up taking one to the house. It’s a mystery bag where it ends up and who ends up getting it, but stamp it.

Your Takes: Please leave your takes below (hot, cold medium-any temp). I will feature the Top Takes next week. GO IRISH!