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How will the first set of College Football Playoff rankings look?

How will the committee look at Notre Dame versus the rest of the country?

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

With the College Football Playoff Committee ready to release its first set of rankings tonight, it seems like everyone has an opinion of what the rankings will look like, and also how they think they should look like.

Within that spirit, I will be dropping some predictions each week moving forward. There will be 2 sets:

  • How I think the rankings will look like
  • How I think the rankings should look like

It’s important to separate the two.


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide
  2. Clemson Tigers
  3. LSU Tigers
  4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  5. Michigan Wolverines
  6. Oklahoma Sooners
  7. Georgia Bulldogs
  8. UCF Knights

I don’t think there is any way the committee can deny the Tide and their dominance. After that, it is a lot more of a guess with the remaining schools. If they have UCF in that top 8, watch out for some nervous looks moving forward with losses surely coming for a few of the schools listed.


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide
  2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  3. Clemson Tigers
  4. LSU Tigers
  5. Oklahoma Sooners
  6. Georgia Bulldogs
  7. Michigan Wolverines
  8. Washington State Cougars

Yes, yes... Bama is king. If you stack up the other unbeaten teams, Notre Dame has the better resume all around. After that, the group of one loss teams is more of a feeling than actual science right now. There’s still a ton of football ahead. and this set of rankings won’t influence the next set. As for UCF... no.

OFD will have total coverage of the rankings tonight. ESPN will unveil the rankings in a show tonight at 7:00 EST.