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3 Things From the Notre Dame 44-22 Victory Over Navy

Just keep winning, just keep winning

NCAA Football: Navy vs Notre Dame Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

8-0 feels good.

This is from the department of redundancy department, but it still needs to be said. Even through some goofy plays in the second half that the Navy Midshipmen always seem to get against us, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish I would say pretty much dominated the game on Saturday night. The continual wins are good with me, and just winning the games is the necessary part. I thought it was a very solid win, considering that Navy gives us hella fits every year.

After 48 hours, here are some of my thoughts.

3 Things from the ND-Navy Game

It was GREAT to see the Irish dominate Navy, but this was clearly not a normal Navy team.

I’m not discrediting the way that the Irish played at all. Esepcially defensively, the Irish had many answers to the Navy triple option. Only allowing 3 TDs was my prediction, and I’m glad they stuck to that. However, I saw a Navy team struggling with their bread and butter. It was kind of strange. I do think that the Irish defense and its depth was clearly too much for them, but usually Navy toughs that out. I saw an uncharacteristic struggle on offense. It was a relief to see, but also just strange. I loved that it happened and that the Irish had too much offensive talent to let Navy come back at all.

NCAA Football: Navy vs Notre Dame Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The team has fully bought into the culture that they have become.

BK 2 FRESH was one of the greatest things I have ever seen (see directly below).

This picture and the way that the whole team buys into a family and “togetherness” culture had made me believe that the team likes each other. They love playing football with one another, and they love to play for Brian Kelly. It just seems like such a loose but also disciplined Irish team. It’s like what Mike Brey has done with the basketball program. They truly do play for each other in the ups and downs. No matter how tough the game is, I have the confidence in the team having the skill and strength to pull out victories. It is awesome what Kelly and the coaching staff have been able to accomplish. I’ve seen talented team and also more lucky teams, but this team seems to fly under the radar with some skill and teamwork, and I flat out love it.

NCAA Football: Navy vs Notre Dame Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I hate and love playing Navy at the same time.

Yeah, injuries and a stressful game happen against Navy every year. I am going to deviate a little from what our fearless leader said this past week, though. After watching the alma maters after the game as well as knowing about the history of the game, I don’t mind playing Navy every year. I know this is unpopular, but I like the perspective of bringing in the aspects of what the game means off the field. I don’t care if this sound sappy or off-base, but it’s my thought for the game. Yes, it was absolutely sweet to have the game not be close. But, in a day and age of flash and highlights, it’s interesting and a bit refreshing to watch a game that is unconventional happen every season.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images