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Notre Dame Football Haiku And Limerick Too: Irish VS Navy

Don’t get torpedoed.

Khalid Kareem
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The final 5 game run for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is just a few days away, and the first obstacle is one of the trickiest (as recent history would show). The Navy Midshipmen will play host in San Diego California and will be looking to spoil a playoff run for the #3 Fighting Irish.

So... we open up the lyrical box once again. The Pitt effort was a little underwhelming compared to earlier this season. Maybe there’s a correlation here. PUT IN THE WORK!

I’m a little pressed for time this week, so I’m just going to drop a couple haikus — but I’ll be back with more (and some limericks) later. So go ahead and put your heart on the keyboard, but remember to have your Clorox wipes nearby.

Warm California,
Dirty Navy chops again,
Protect your knees boys.

Playoffs on the line,
Irish need convincing wins,
This one’s in the Books.

Your turn. Spin your lines and claim the glory.