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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes for Navy

Get in your Takes and See How We Did Last Week!

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

How’d we do last week?

Every week, I will feature the Most Interesting, Most Wildly Inaccurate, and Most Accurate Takes from the previous week. Here we go!


Fortunately for the Irish, Coney did not get drafted at halftime, but not a bad insight SweetBabboo97. Definitely would have been a first.

Wildy Inaccurate

Me. Philip Gough. I am man enough to admit when I am horribly (very horribly) off base. I thought the Irish would run away with this one and Avery Davis would have his shot and somehow pass the 100 yard mark. I have no one to blame but my irrational brain.


Agough (my dad) hit the nail on the head with this one. He has been very optimistic this season, but was spot on with this prediction.

And Now onto the Hot and Cold Takes for the matchup between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Navy Midshipmen.

Cold Take

Alohi Gilman has a career day.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Remember when he used to play for Navy? I am so glad he will be playing for the Irish on Saturday. He is built for the physical and disciplined attack needed out of a safety against the triple option. I think he has a great day coming up in his option fit and has multiple tackles for loss. He will be labeled as the perennial Navy stopper a la Greer Martini. He is very familiar with that systems and it will be a very fun day for the kid.

Hot Take

Notre Dame out-rushes Navy

I think Ian Book takes care of business and commands the field, but our rushing attack shines. This matchup always favors the Irish due to the sheer size of the defensive line and backfield. Something that irrationally bothers me is how many times a game the announcers will bring up the “average size difference” between the 2 lines. We get it. Anyway, look for Jafar Armstrong to have a big run on his first play from scrimmage and Dexter Williams to get his yards per carry back up. This is a week to absolutely emphasize the run game, especially if we can get off to an early lead.

Your Takes: Please leave your takes below (hot, cold medium-any temp). I will feature the Top Takes next week. GO IRISH!