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This is what happened in college football while Notre Dame was eating cheeseburgers

That food reference will never get old.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t a wild day in the world of college football on Saturday afternoon, but it sure got SUPER nuts after we got the kids to bed. Since the Notre Dame Fighting Irish had a bye this week, I have a chance to provide a small summery of the day with an Irish slant.


There were some mixed results on the day for the schools on Notre Dame’s schedule.

So, Michigan will be, without a doubt, Notre Dame’s best win this year. I think a lot of us were hoping USC would play better to add some fire late in the season, but they looked bad against Utah and may be completely done by Thanksgiving weekend.


The Purdue Boilermakers beat the crap out of the Ohio State Buckeyes tonight. It was the most NON-Purdue game ever (pretty exciting). The #2 ranked Buckeyes will likely fall out of the top 10, and this should allow the Irish to move up one more spot to #3 in the polls that absolutely mean nothing.

Purdue’s win made sure that there will be no undefeated Big 10 champion, and this helps put a lot more teams in play for the playoffs.


We still have another week until the first playoff rankings are released, but I think we can start to see how they might look. My best guess right now is:

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide
  2. Clemson Tigers
  3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  4. LSU Tigers
  5. Texas Longhorns
  6. Michigan Wolverines
  7. Georgia Bulldogs
  8. Oklahoma Sooners

With similar records, Texas has a better “best win” than Michigan. So, if Alabama beats LSU the next week, the door for the Big 12 opens up. If Bama loses, be prepared for 2 SEC schools in the playoffs.

I won’t look much any farther ahead than that, because college football is so unpredictable, it feels a bit silly.


Notre Dame has to gear up, and head out to San Diego with destruction on their minds. With all sorts of ridiculous playoff theories being thrown around, all Notre Dame has to do is win. JUST WIN (and beatdowns certainly help).