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Game Thread: Bye Week For The Notre Dame Fighting Irish And Cheeseburger Debate

Just trying to make it through the week.

notre dame football helmet Mike Miller/One Foot Down

We’re almost done. Bye Week Day is finally here for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Don’t get me wrong though, because the BYE is a wonderful thing. The players and coaches definitely need the rest, and as the Site Manager for a large Notre Dame site... I did too.

Sure, we still offered a wide variety of articles and topics all week long, but it comes at a much calmer pace. It’s a time for reflection, but it’s also a time to be a real human again before the stretch run of college football catches fire.

PLEASE use this thread and explain yourself.

  • What did you do this week?
  • What are you doing today?

You can also use this thread all day for any of the following:

  • ESPN College Gameday stuff
  • Skunkbear game
  • Pretty much anything about the day/night in college football
  • College Playoff discussion
  • Cheeseburger rankings
  • Beer / booze rankings
  • The West Wing appreciation
  • Notre Dame Hockey
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Taco vs Burrito
  • Star Wars
  • Notre Dame conspiracy theories

And on and on. Have fun and stay safe out there.

We also respect TF out of Nic Weishar here at OFD for all the best reasons. Congrats to him!