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Notre Dame Football Haiku And Limerick Too: Virginia Tech Hokies Week

Are you intimidated yet? Good.

notre dame stadium football
Notre Dame Stadium at night
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

And like that— Limericks are now officially a part of this madness. Congratulations to those that have hammered out some great limericks over the past few weeks. You now have a great responsibility.

Speaking of responsibility... the Notre Dame Fighting Irish must feel that responsibility to preserve an undefeated season pulling on them now. As sweet as the wins over the Michigan Wolverines and Stanford Cardinal have been, the season marches on, and it runs through the Virginia Tech Hokies in Blacksburg.

Time to drop some lines:

There was once a man named Kelly,
A man whose nipples outshined his belly
He causes such fuss
With purple skin and a cuss
My foot goes right through the telly.

Night trip to Blacksburg,
Books are better than lunch pails,
Enter Sandman sucks.

That’s all the time I have (but this week I’ll drop a few more in the comments). So now it’s YOUR TURN. Deposit your best haikus and limericks too, and see how you stack up against the OFD community.