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Notre Dame Football Haiku And Limerick Too: Pittsburgh Panthers

We are all having Pitt flashbacks.

Grace Hall Julie Hauenstein

I know we’re all getting prepared for the stress fun of the final half of the season. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are 6-0 and will be trying to become 7-0 for the first time since that magical 2012 season. That year, the Irish also played the Pittsburgh Panthers at home — after a big road win.

We all know what went down, so there’s no need to hash it out again (or maybe there is). It was... interesting. Something else that was interesting about the 2012 season was that even after the Irish lost, they still ended the season ranked #1 in the country. Notre Dame was #1 according to the Colley Index — and guess what?

They are #1 again.

(assist to Jude @andrewwinn for pointing this out).

Time to drop some lines:

There was once a lad named Coney
Who could always snuff out a phony
And then along came Pitt
He told them to eat shit
His t-shirt said “Tyler Palko can blow me”

Irish unbeaten
Dexter Williams is hungry
Therefore eat shit Pitt

That’s all the time I have (but this week I’ll drop a few more in the comments). So now it’s YOUR TURN. Deposit your best haikus and limericks too, and see how you stack up against the OFD community.