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Notre Dame Football: The Five Best Tweets We Saw This Week

Let’s look back at some in-game tweets from the Temple matchup and look ahead to the Georgia game.

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market Photo illustration by Mary Turner/Getty Images

Twitter, as my friend Tim O’Connor once said, is the world’s greatest sports bar. My gameday tradition is to keep a computer nearby and enjoy the hilarious and sometimes insightful commentary from Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans.

Here are five tweets I saw this week that I enjoyed immensely — and I think you will too. We call this segment TWITTERMANIA.


My list of people every Notre Dame fan should follow is pretty short: Jesse (@tricerapops), Nina/Lena (@PDXIrish), Shane (@SupermanTDJesus), oAk (@oaknd1) and Bridget. (I’d put Poot on this list, but it’s not like he’s going to realize he was excluded. He’d actually have to read this site.)

Like a lot of my Twitter followers, I don’t know Bridget in real life. But I do know this: She makes me laugh at least once a day.

Notre Dame was already dominating the Temple Owls when Bridget dropped this beaut. It was bad enough that our beloved Irish had gone 4-8 during the fall of 2016. Political chatter on Twitter just made reading your timeline more insufferable.

I also don’t know if this is a low-key reference to “The Election of 1800,” but I’m just going to assume it is.


One of my most difficult decisions each week will be to pick the Paul Rigney ’07 tweet that made me laugh the hardest. I was leaning toward “the real Brandon Wimbush” but then I saw this.


In case you missed the bombshell reporting by the New York Times, here’s the lede of last week’s story:

As the Florida State University football team was marching to a national title in the fall of 2013, the school was investigating allegations of academic favoritism involving a half-dozen of its leading players, including one who scored the winning touchdown in the championship game.

What does this mean for Notre Dame fans? Not much, although the NCAA could launch its own investigation, announce sanctions and retroactively wipe the Florida State Seminoles’s 2014 win over Notre Dame off the books. I’d prefer that the NCAA require the referees to reverse their offensive pass interference call, but I’m not going to get greedy. The Irish next play the Seminoles on Nov. 10, 2018 in Notre Dame Stadium.


Congratulations to the Football Championship Subdivision’s Liberty Flames, who traveled to Waco and spoiled Matt Rhule’s debut as coach of the Power 5’s Baylor Bears. You can watch Baylor’s defense get the “Yakety Sax” treatment too.


This tweet, from Temple’s drum major, reminds us that Notre Dame fans can remain classy even when they are beating the stuffing out of your team. There’s certainly an argument that can be made that Notre Dame Stadium is too hospitable to visiting teams. But no one should ever boo the visiting team’s band or be inhospitable to their fans. They’re not out on the field making the plays that determine whether your favorite team wins or loses.