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Notre Dame Football: One Thought, One Take for Georgia - Superstitions Edition

How Do Your Weekly Rituals Impact the Game?

Jake.....Fromm State Farm??


I consider myself to be a believer in things outside of myself.....including superstitions. This has been a subject that has been a hot topic not only in the world of sports betting, but deeply rooted in my family traditions of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football. There are specific things that we may or may not have done that in the eyes of some (mostly my father) have deeply impacted the outcome of certain games. For instance, he has not worn a Notre Dame shirt on gameday in 30+ years....If a good play happens while you are located in a certain seat-you better keep your butt in that same seat (even if this is in the bathroom...people don’t forget, Arnie)....If you played a song before a big win, well lets just say you better like that song.....and the list goes on. This begs the question, How much do you believe in superstitions, and what are some of your own rituals that have helped the Irish win? Please vote on your “level” of belief and comment with some of the strange things you’ve experienced or done to impact the game.


One a Scale from 1-4, How Superstitious Are You?

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  • 20%
    1-This is utter nonsense. Football is football
    (70 votes)
  • 21%
    2- I respect others rituals, but don’t participate myself
    (74 votes)
  • 41%
    3- I often wear certain clothes or repeat rituals to help the Irish Win
    (141 votes)
  • 15%
    4-In 2006, I moved from the couch to the love seat and placed my Miller Lite in my left hand as opposed to my right...It was at that moment that Notre Dame started their comeback vs. Michigan State-You’re Welcome.
    (54 votes)
339 votes total Vote Now

^^Not saying this was my doing, but this was my doing.

Cold Take: Justin Yoon will bounce back and make all his FGs

I’ll be honest this is a pretty selfish Take here. I just want to see some big time celebrations from this big time kicking unit. Justin Yoon, Monty Van G, and Johnny Shannon just being guys and dudes on the field. On a serious note, this needs to happen to restore Yoon’s confidence-the 2 missed FG’s were not critical in any way last week, but that will absolutely not be the case moving forward. Expect to see a more stingy defense this week, which will ultimately end up with more FG opportunities, and hopefully more cellys. Hit it boys!

Hot Take: The Notre Dame Defense with 17+ TFLs (including Sacks)

This one may stir up some controversy as we face off against two of the top backs in the SEC in Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. HOWEVAAA....Unless this is first article you’ve read about the game you know that Quarterback Jake Fromm (State Farm) is replacing the injured Jacob Eason (who gives Matt Stafford a run for his money for chubbiest faced athlete). This is going to limit the playbook for the Georgia Bulldogs staff, which I believe will cause the Bulldogs to fall behind early. This early deficit will cause a bit of chaos, and allow the defensive ends/Rover to put some serious pressure on the backs. I also think that Nyles Morgan will step up to the plate after receiving criticism for his quiet performance vs. Temple. Now I am not saying the Offense will fail miserably...again the two running backs will have successes, but these will not come without many tackles behind the line.

These two have been destroying collars since birth