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Notre Dame Haiku: Georgia Week

TIME FOR YOUR WEEKLY NOTRE DAME HAIKU BATTLE RAP. We did not mean to shout... but it's exciting.

Welcome friends to another Notre Dame Haiku throwdown on One Foot Down (did not mean to do that). The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are hosting the Georgia Bulldogs and it's a pretty big deal.

We all know about Georgia's lack of travel north, but now that the Irish are ranked (even at #24) this game takes on a little more meaning for both Notre Dame and the 15th ranked Bulldogs.

As always, give your best Haikus down in the comments below. If I see any pop up on Twitter or Facebook, I'll be sure to place them there for all to marvel.


Daelin Hayes hurdles

Red and brown all on the ground

It's Jake Fromm State Farm

Go on my son...

Fresh flowers received

"Brian Kelly 2.0"

So read Chip Long's card

Is that all?

Georgia leaves the south

Hello Mason-Dixon Line

Kirby: Hold my beer

Notre Dame vs Georgia: Saturday Night Fight

Notre Dame Football has a big game this Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs. Are the Irish ready?

Dikirim oleh One Foot Down - For Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans pada 6 September 2017