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Series Recap: Notre Dame vs. Miami (OH)

It’s been a while

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports


We’re now a couple days away from another game, and this time it is back at home. After a couple of road wins (#roadwarriors), the Notre Dame Fighting Irish go back home to play the Miami-Ohio Redhawks.

This series is pretty unfamiliar territory for both schools. We can still recap where we were with this team from Oxford, OH and where we go from here.

ND vs. Miami: The Series

Only once have both teams met on the gridiron. It was only year 1 of the Cubs’ 108 year World Series drought. In 1909, the Irish and the Redhawks played a game at Cartier Field on Notre Dame’s campus.

Miami will be looking to do something that their 1909 team couldn’t do: score any points. ND beat Miami 46-0 in that game.

Because, as one would expect, there are no readily available YouTube clips of this game from 1909, I will just say that because of a shutout win, this series has 1 highlight and no lowlights (woooooo!!!).

1909 Fighting Irish

Let’s keep that lowlights number at 0. Go Irish. Beat Redhawks.