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Notre Dame Football Haiku, We Come Running Back To You

After sadness, we bring joy - I SAID WE BRING JOY.

This should never have happened. I refrained from posting a haiku piece for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Many of you couldn’t care less (probably), but it’s a piece that we have had some fun with in the past and even this year - with one exception: after the loss to the Georgia Bulldogs.

There was pretty much ZERO participation that week. That one point loss took all of the fun out of the room - THEY POPPED BY BALLOONS AND STOLE MY FRIGGIN LOLLIPOP MAN!

So, I’m bringing the joy of haiku back for you to use or not use now that we scored a nice victory over the Michigan State Spartans, and as we get set to take on the Miami-Ohio Redhawks.

You know how this goes... I’ll throw a couple down AND BECAUSE WE ARE HAPPY FROM KICKING SPARTY’S ASS you can add to the fun in the comments below.

Megaphone is home
The Brian Kelly dance off

Won’t be 4 and 8
Is this just smoke and mirrors?
YAY 20 point wins!