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Series Recap: Notre Dame vs. Michigan State

The Battle for the Megaphone is always a heated contest

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Notre Dame
Last year’s game was...interesting
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If you don’t understand what that is referencing, I will explain.

Folks, it’s MSU week. Usually this game provides a lot of intrigue. In recent memory, we have had a lot of close games, some weird instances, and sometimes you just don’t know with this game. Whoever wins this game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan State Spartans will hold onto the Megaphone for 9 years.

Winning the Megaphone Trophy in 2012
Subway Domer

Let’s take a look at this heated series, shall we?

ND vs. MSU: The Series

ND and MSU have played each other 78 times, with the Irish leading the series 48-29-1. The one tie of course came from the “Game of the Century” the 1966 10-10 tie. Even though the series dates back to 1897, the games in recent memory (within the last 20 years or so) have been generally close and usually nail biters. Let’s take a look back at some memories from this series against Sparty.

The 1966 Game

This isn’t really a highlight, as a lot of Irish fans are still plenty pissed that we did not win this game. However, it needs its own category. I think most fans of both teams know about the history and significance of this game. Also, in case you see any MSU fans this weekend and this comes up, gently remind them that even though they claim a national championship that year, we were still considered the outright national champions that year.

The Only Colors

The Lowlights

2000: In East Lansing. This was actually the first Notre Dame game I ever attended. I was 6 years old, and only lived about 1.5 hours from East Lansing. It was a sad time, but luckily, I only remember that we lost, not so much what happened. This late play sealed our fate.

2005: The First Home Game for Charlie Weis

Oh boy. This one wasn’t fun. MSU goes up big, we come storming back to force OT, but then lose. We should’ve seen this coming from the overall Weis era. *sigh*

Yes, this was the plant the flag game. Brutal.

2010: Little Giants. I’m not putting the video in this post. Too painful.

The Highlights

1987: Tim. Brown.

His Heisman season, and he provided some absolutely fantastic punt returns for TDs against MSU at home and at night.

2002: A fight to the finish.

Arnaz Battle from Dillingham to win the game in East Lansing. What a play. Just like MSU 2 years prior, we hit them with the dagger pass play to win the game. Just beautiful.

2009: Air Golden, baby. He didnt get a penalty for this either. Incredible and hilarious.

And of course...2006: The night I experienced about every emotion there is.

It was absolutely pouring. We went brain dead in the first half. It was very, very bleak. And then, it seemed that all hell broke loose. I encourage you all to watch this whole video. It provides the whole context for that night that was devastation turned majestic.

For just the comeback, see this video:

Amazing. And, to top it off, we had this epic rant be a result:

This is extra funny for me because this guy is the main afternoon sports radio host in the Detroit area where I’m from originally. He is a MSU alum, and he just lost it. He actually is great at his job overall, and this just adds to his legacy. This is what I say when I say MAKE PLAYS. #PUCKERPUCKERPUCKER #CHOKEDONAPPLESAUCE

So, there you have it. Because of what this game has become, we should be in for a battle and a doozy on Saturday night. Let’s take it to them, just like the Persians did many years ago.

Go Irish. Beat Spartans.