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Notre Dame Football: OFD Mailbag - Michigan State Week

We have lots of Brandon Wimbush and passing game talk this week.

Bobby Norell

I was listening to yesterday’s episode of Weekday SportsBeat on WSBT, and Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune spoke about this. Last season, he said the reason he was sceptical about Malik Zaire was because of his passing ability. Hansen then said that there was no reason to believe passing would be a problem for Wimbush, and if anything it was his running ability to speculate about.

So I’m going to say he’s just a bit shakier than expected. We have to remember that this is the first time Wimbush is seeing regular playing time since his senior year of high school in 2014. I think he’ll be fine. He might not be Tom Brady, but he doesn’t necessarily have to be either.

If Wimbush keeps being this inaccurate then I think it could impact his draft stock, but not as much as you think. If you’re a good, talented player, they’ll find you and give you a shot. That said, it’s three weeks into the season and probably a tad early to be worrying about guys draft stocks. Wimbush still has time to turn it around.

I say as long as they aren’t turning the ball over or making a negative impact on the game, then no don’t worry about it. That’s just me though. The only thing that has me slightly worried about the special teams is Chris Finke’s aggressiveness on punt returns. Too many times has he tried to make a play with four or five defenders surrounded him.

Great question. If their ground attack is going to be as good as it was against Temple and BC, I wish they’d ditch the passing game completely and RTDB (Run The Damn Ball) every play. Yes, I know they were held to 51 yards against UGA, but they aren’t as bad as that performance and they also aren’t as good as their Temple and BC performances. They’re somewhere in between.

So to your point Mr. Brewers, yes I think they’ll pass the ball once or twice more this year. Now will those passes actually be completed? That’s an entire different question.

Seriously though, if Wimbush could just become an adequate passer, which I’m confident he can, the Irish offense will become that much scarier.

This is easy. It’s 100% Mike Elko and the defense. While Notre Dame’s offense is averaging tons of yards and points, it is not a well-oiled machine quite yet.

The Notre Dame defense is leaps and bounds better than it was last season. The tackling is more crisp. They aren’t giving up long scoring drives. They aren’t giving up huge chunk plays. They’re actually getting pressure with their defensive line. Even their weaknesses, such as safety play, hasn’t been much of a problem thus far. From top to bottom it’s a better product and so far Mike Elko has been an A+ hire.

Interesting question. Honestly, I’d probably feel the same way I do now or probably a little worse. Right now I feel they can dominate and control lesser or average opponents, but when the bright lights come on and the big boys come to town they shrivel up. If it was flipped and they ran for 400 and 500 yards to begin the season then rushed for 50 in game three, I’d probably be more disappointed.

We’ll end with a fun one this week. This is a question Pat Rick would be proud of and probably better suited to answer, but I’ll take a crack at it. Hopefully I don’t ruffle any feathers with my answer. I’ll preface my answer with the entire staff here at OFD is phenomenal and does a great job, and would all be worthy choices of selection.

First, I’m going with none other than our fearless leader Joshua Vowles. I mean he’s not our fearless leader for nothing! Then I’ll go with with Jude. I feel he would have a calming presence over the group. Third, I mean how could I not go with Pat? This is right up his alley. I feel he’s been preparing for something like this his whole life. Lastly, I’ll go with myself for no other reason than I’m just going to pick myself.

Surely, this answer will be debated. You could interchange anyone else on the staff in here and OFD would come out victorious,