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Notre Dame Football: The Five Best Tweets We Saw This Week

The bloodthirsty clown from “It,” Brandon Wimbush meets “Jurassic Park” and much more!

Discover Your Gold Launch Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images for UK Sport

Twitter, as my friend Tim O’Connor once said, is the world’s greatest sports bar. My gameday tradition is to keep a computer nearby and enjoy the hilarious and sometimes insightful commentary from Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans.

Here are five tweets I saw this week that I enjoyed immensely — and I think you will too. We call this segment TWITTERMANIA. Welcome to Week 4!


What would Pennywise, the blood-thirsty clown from “It,” have to say to convince you to follow him down into the sewers?

Blowhards don’t bother me. Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith can hot take a million times about Tony Romo or Peyton Manning and I just shrug.

But Clay Travis bothers me. He reminds me of every guy I hated in high school. His misogynist shtick mixed with a heaping teaspoon of “bro”-dom blended with know-it-all is too much for me to handle.

I saw the “It” miniseries when I was 10 or 11 years old. Merely conjuring the image of Tim Curry’s Pennywise in my head makes me break out in a sweat. (And he’s not even real!) If Pennywise were real, there wouldn’t be anything he could say that could convince me to jump into a sewer with him. But damn, it may be worth the self-sacrifice to eliminate Clay Travis from our world.


Notre Dame was up 14-10 on Boston College at halftime.

I think Moons’ tweet is the perfection encapsulation of how well Notre Dame fans mask pain with humor. Brandon Wimbush was frustrating us because he was repeatedly overthrowing an open receiver. Moons’ suggestion would be a good adjustment to make at half!


This bears repeating, even though it’s been said a billion times: The only person that cares about your fantasy football team is you. Most of us play fantasy football for bragging rights, essentially. Imagine the lack of forethought that goes into tagging players to complain that they didn’t meet their expected yield of fantasy points.

Golden Tate loves how fantasy football has given casual fans a reason to be emotionally invested in games that don’t involve their favorite teams. Just stay the hell outta his mentions with that crap.


I don’t know Sam Rose Watson personally, but she’s a great gameday follow because of her excellent graphic design/editing skills. (I’d love to follow her the rest of the week, but I’m not big on politics in my timeline.)

Poor Sam has proven herself so adept and so quick at producing mini works of art that Notre Dame fans ping her with all sorts of unique requests. (My favorite from this week: “If someone can photoshop some BK nips into that @espn dick pic, my wife will die a happy lady.”)

This one made me laugh the hardest, because I love “Jurassic Park” and because Brandon Wimbush’s goofy expression was just begging to become a Photoshop battle.