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Notre Dame Used Its Powerful Running Game To Beat Temple 49-16

Can #RTDB be the new normal in South Bend?

NCAA Football: Temple at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

If there was one thing that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish really needed to do to get back on track as a football program, it was that they needed to RUN THE DAMN BALL better than they did last season. Not just run it better, but show a renewed commitment to doing it for the entire game.

Notre Dame ran the ball 44 times for 422 yards in their 49-16 win over the Temple Owls. Three players had over 100 yards rushing: Brandon Wimbush (106 yards), Josh Adams (165 yards) and Dexter Williams (124 yards).

I know what you’re thinking... it’s Temple. Granted, the Owls aren’t the Georgia Bulldogs (up next), but this was the kind of game in the past where we would see the Irish be a bit more “pass-happy” as they unleashed their offensive butt-kicking. Wimbush did throw the ball 30 times, but it never really felt like Notre Dame was being excessive in its use of the passing game.

And why should they have been?

Brandon Wimbush needs more time to develop into a better passing quarterback. I think that much was pretty clear from his play, and even in some of the post-game comments by both Brian Kelly and Wimbush.


Notre Dame has this monster left side of the offensive line that Brian Kelly, Chip Long and Brandon Wimbush trust completely. And then the right side was pretty damn good today too. These guys can move bodies up front, and that will win you football games — especially in November.

NCAA Football: Temple at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

November is a long ways out still, and in September the Irish have Brandon Wimbush, that monster offensive line, and, according to Notre Dame’s starting quarterback, “the best trio of running backs in the country.”

It’s like this whole #RTDB thing could really be a thing this year. Yes, they have to go against a lot better teams this year — but those teams still have to face this offensive line, this stable of runners, and Notre Dame’s will to run it and run it again.