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Game 1: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Temple Owls

FINALLY the offseason is dead, as the 2017 season comes to life. It's our own Frankenstein, and we want to talk about it... BRING ME THE GAME THREAD IGOR!

At some point in August, I wanted to just stop talking and writing about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. For most fans, August is a time of celebration as we all prepare for the upcoming season. For myself, and a lot of writers, we are tired and bored after such a long offseason.

There are only so many stories to tell and with so many changes to the coaching staff, there really are too many unknowns to be certain about anything.


There is a new energy surrounding the program and this website. Football is here and we can finally see with our own eyes if Brian Kelly 2.0 is legit, if Mike Elko is a defensive savior, and if Brandon Wimbush is the quarterback we have all hoped that he would be.

This is happening... TODAY!

Join us in the gamethread below all day as we await the game, and join us again during the game to celebrate or break things - together. Have fun, and GO IRISH!