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Notre Dame Football: The Boston College Hangover Goes Punting With Tyler Newsome

The hangover came up short, so we are going to play it safe.

NCAA Football: Nevada at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish got another game better on Saturday when they beat the Boston College Eagles, 49-20. The final score of the game was probably more along the lines of what Irish fans were wanting and expecting, but it was a pretty weird path that they took to get there.

One of the more overlooked stats, was that Tyler Newsome is a freaking animal. Newsome punted 7 times for a 46.1 yard average.

The Hangover

It’s been a long time, so maybe some of you may have forgot, but PUNTING GOOD PUNTING IS WINNING. Well, it’s winning if you are following the old formula of:

  • Run the damn ball.
  • Play solid defense.
  • Punt as needed.
  • Run the damn ball again.

Notre Dame has a slight passing problem right now, so concentrating on a little old school football is probably the smart thing to do (just don’t get fancy).

Of course, if you don’t have a good punter, this strategy is a lot tougher to pull off. Tyler Newsome right now, is a really good punter.

With all the data in from this past weekend’s games, Newsome ranks #7 in the country with 47.3 yards per punt (and he has more punts than anyone else in the top 10 - probably not the best stat). He’s flipping the field, and that’s freaking AWESOME!

While many of you are either fist-pumping about the 515 yards rushing, or putting holes in your momma’s drywall over the anemic passing game, take a moment to appreciate Tyler Newsome and what he’s doing to help this team win. It’s not the sexiest thing in the world, but it definitely is needed on this team.