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Series Recap: Notre Dame vs. Boston College

The “rivalry” game

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


Well, Saturday was certainly a bummer. And, of course, things got blown out of proportion after the game. But, no matter. It is a new game weekend for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against an old foe, the Boston College Eagles.

Let’s take a look back at the series with BC along with the highlights and lowlights.

Notre Dame vs. Boston College: The Series

ND and BC have played each other a total of 23 times, with ND having the series advantage 14-9. For two teams that have completely different football traditions and legacies, this series should be more lopsided in favor of us. Alas, that of course is not the case. For some reason, the college football world thinks this is a rivalry game (why is this game on Wikipedia called the “Holy War?”) Oh, because we are the only Catholic, D1 programs in the nation? Brilliant.

This game does not deserve a rivalry title (thank you to Pat Rick for pointing that out so well). However, there has been a lot of animosity between the two schools. Most of that I think is for BC just trying to spoil the party many times in the series.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Highlights

1992: The Rudy Game (well, kind of)

The 1992 contest was the one where they filmed “Rudy” at halftime. You can see BC fans in the shot of the movie when Notre Dame played Georgia Tech in the movie.

Sports Illustrated

However, this game was definitely a highlight, as the final score was 54-7 in favor of the Irish. Pure dominance.

1998: The Goal Line Stand

A great defensive stop by the Irish to seal the victory in Chestnut Hill

The Lowlights

1993: I don’t really think I need to say more without Irish fans cringing in pain.

We beat FSU the week before in a classic. We then lost to BC on a last second FG. We don’t win the National Championship because of it. I’m not putting a video or picture with this, still too soon.

2002: The installment of the Ty-era green jerseys


We were 8-0 after a dominating win at FSU the week prior (sensing a theme?). We were Number 4, but lost the ball 8 times and lost 14-7. BC beat us and sent us into confusion and despair with Ty.

2008: Just wow.

The only time anyone in the series was shut out, and of course it happened to us. Bad, bad, bad.


I’m hoping for a bounce back from last week, and hopefully we come away with a performance like in 1992 against BC. Defense like in 1998 would be nice too. I would like a controlled and dominating game, please.

Go Irish. Beat Eagles.