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The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Boston College Eagles

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly

So I guess it's time for the Anti-Preview. There is far less excitement for fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish after last week's 20-19 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs. It's not like the Irish got destroyed, and the destruction set the fanbase into rage mode - it was a one point loss that sent the Irish fanbase into rage mode.

No one should be hanging their hats on any type of moral victory, but opening up the window on the 28th floor seems unnecessary as well. It sucked, and the fact that Notre Dame has lost so many of these close games in the Kelly era makes the whole thing that much worse.

We need a cookie an energy bar. Perhaps the Irish can give them a shot in the arm on Saturday against the...


Boston College has had their own problems over the past few years. Irish fans can relate as the Eagles have made poor coaching decisions over the past decade that has the program in a mess. While I would always think that a 7 win season with a bowl victory would be good enough for Eagles fans, it actually turns out that this is not the case.

Their fans are tired of the mediocrity - although they would take a mediocre offense over whatever the hell it is that they have been doing. A 34-10 loss to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons last week is a fair litmus test for what the Eagles will be this year.


The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This game is in Boston(ish), right? So... why don't we pay a little homage to Boston's good friend in New York, and make a few classics.

Long Island Iced Tea

Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour back into the glass and make sure there is a touch of fizz at the top.

Garnish with lemon.


There is no need to get complicated this Saturday. At the same time, however, there is no need to be boring. Highlight the best thing you can find with some garnishments. Yes, you can do this with food too.

Lobster Rolls

  • 2 lemons, halved
  • Sea salt
  • 3 1 1/4-to-1 1/2-pound live lobsters
  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 7 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
  • 6 top-split hot dog buns
  • 1/4 cup roughly chopped celery leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon celery salt

Cook your lobsters y'all.

Don't hate me, boil me.

Roughly chop the lobster meat. Transfer to a bowl and chill 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, whisk the mayonnaise, 4 tablespoons melted butter and the juice of the remaining lemon in a large bowl. Add the lobster meat and toss to coat. Season with salt.

Heat a grill pan or skillet over medium heat. Brush the outside of the hot dog buns with 2 tablespoons melted butter. Toast the buns until slightly golden, about 1 minute per side. Divide the lobster salad among the buns. Drizzle with the remaining 1 tablespoon melted butter and sprinkle with the celery leaves and celery salt.


Both schools are "Under Armour" schools, so on Saturday... breakout that $253.00 outfit you bought after the win ver the Temple Owls, and tell those Eagles that your AD makes better statistical deals. (That's all I really got).


That's a hard question. There is nothing really good about this game. For Notre Dame, a win will prove almost nothing, while a loss would be near catastrophic. Quite simply - the Irish have to win this game (and by a fair margin) just to not feel as shitty as they do right now. The best thing? Notre Dame might have the same number of fans in attendance at this game as they did last week?


  1. 1993. [insert man setting an entire city on fire while drinking the cheapest gin]
  2. Doug Flutie (both in the booth and the fact we have to watch that one fucking play over and over again each football season).
  3. Mike Mayock, because he still won't let go of the most unimportant detail from a play 3 years ago and repeats its flaws over and over and over again.
  4. 2002. Green puke everywhere.
  5. That wicked ugly SUPER FANS shirt.


Dexter Williams. By some miracle, Williams will actually be able to carry the football this week, and just trucks the Eagle defense. This of course will only mean that he will be guaranteed to get >2 carries next week against Michigan State, but at least for now, Brian Kelly hears the thunderous mob and appeases its members. #FreeDexterWilliams

Jerry Tillery. Tillery has looked really good this season, and he came close to a few really big plays last week against Georgia. I'm not 100% sure what Boston College is trying to do on offense (and neither do they) but I think Tillery will be a major disruption up front. Think Jarron Jones vs Miami. He's put in the work, and it's about to pay off.


I don't like the game being moved from NOON to 3:00, but I understand why. At any rate, Notre Dame comes out focused and prepared and looking for blood. Look for a result somewhere in the middle of the Georgia and Temple games. IRISH 38, BC 13.

Is it more of the same for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

Notre Dame Football is preparing to play Boston College Football this week in Chestnut Hill. Can the Irish bounce back?

Posted by One Foot Down - For Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans on Tuesday, September 12, 2017