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Notre Dame Football: Boston College Eagles Q&A

Notre Dame has to play football again this weekend, unfortunately. Here’s everything you need to know about Boston College, courtesy of BC Interruption

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news here: the 1-1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team has another game this weekend, and this time it’s a road game against the 1-1 Boston College Eagles in Chestnut Hill (AH HECK YEAH).

So, to give you all the competitive intelligence you need to get you through what could end up being a terribly boring game due to various potential reasons, I talked to our friends over at BC Interruption and AJ Black sent me back a fantastic bunch of answers to my absurdly long list of questions.

Let’s explore.


1. Tell me what you think of BC head coach Steve Addazio. We're in his 5th year at the helm of BC football, and although he inherited somewhat of a mess from Spaziani and it's definitely not an easy place to rebuild a football program, he's had a tough time putting together a better season than 7-6. Are Eagles fans confident he's the guy to get things turned around, or is he on the hot seat?

He is definitely on the hot seat. Yes BC went 7-6 last year and won a bowl game, but BC is still some of the most unwatchable football in the NCAA. Consistently BC's offense has been in the dregs, and even with changes promised, it's still much of the same. But faster!

Addazio put all his cards on the table at the beginning of the year claiming this is the most talented and deep team he has had, and with his own guys, but after watching last week many fans are just sick of him and the talk that goes nowhere.

Quick Lane Bowl - Boston College v Maryland Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

2. BC got beat up a bit this past weekend, losing 34-10 to Wake Forest. What did the Demon Deacons do to take control of that game and blow the doors off?

BC couldn't stop turning the ball over deep in their own territory. Quarterback Anthony Brown had three interceptions and Jon Hilliman put the ball on the ground at the BC 20. That and terrible offensive line play, and voila you have a blow out.

3. Offensively, what are BC's strengths? Should ND's defense be more worried about Anthony Brown and the Eagles passing game, or guys like Thadd Smith, Jon Hilliman, and AJ Dillon trying to wear them down on the ground? Who are the best players ND will need to contain on Saturday?

Strengths? Lol. I guess if Anthony Brown can make a few plays with his arm that would be a "strength," AJ Dillon is pretty solid as well as Kobay White even though he had a brutal drop.

No, they should not "pound" them on the ground especially given the play of the offensive line — that hasn't worked at BC in years. They need first downs and they need more explosive plays.

4. Defensively, BC looks to be pretty decent overall (54th in total defense), especially against the pass (47th in pass defense). However, they also appear to be a bit more susceptible to a good rushing attack, which happens to be the Notre Dame offense's strength (at least, relatively speaking — Georgia made sure to show us that last weekend). Think the Eagles can contain, or even shut down, an Irish offense that sputtered last week against a fast and physical Bulldogs defense?

BC's defense is a bit deceiving in terms of the numbers. Yes they are 54th in the country in terms of total defense, and 47th against the pass, but just remember Wake Forest either a) scored immediately on pick 6's, or b) had VERY short fields.

I honestly would throw those numbers out the window. BC struggles against rushing quarterbacks — NIU's QB gashed them numerous times — so I worry about how they will handle Brandon Wimbush.

5. Who are the X-factors for BC on offense, defense and special teams? That is to say, whose performances are absolutely crucial if BC wants to win this game?

Kobay White and Tommy Sweeney on offense. Defenses have been stacking the box and daring BC to throw the ball, and BC can't stop throwing up on themselves with drops, penalties and mistakes. If these two guys can make some plays and force ND to stop loading the box, it might open things up for them.

Boston College v Wake Forest Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

6. Notre Dame has guys like Equanimeous St. Brown and Greer Martini. What are the best/most ridiculously awesome names on the Boston College roster?

Defensive back Hamp Cheevers is a favorite of mine, along with German place kicker Max Shulze Giesthovel nicknamed "Das Boot."

7. You need to choose two BC players to compete for the Eagles on the old Nickelodeon game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. Who do you choose, and why?

I would go with Harold Landry and WR Michael Walker. Landry is just relentless and could get around any obstacle, and quickly, while Michael Walker has break away speed.

8. Steve Addazio vs. Brian Kelly in a dance-off for all the marbles -- what song does each coach dance to, and who ultimately wins it?

Addazio would dance to "Bad" by Michael Jackson, just because. Brian Kelly, I would want to get him some scream core metal, not sure of a song per say, so let's just say you pick one.

9. How do you feel about Steve Addazio's infatuation with "dudes"? Also, please provide your favorite Steve Addazio "dude" Vine/video. Here are a bunch for reference/your perusal.

I am done with this. It wasn't really even his slogan to start, it was Don Brown's who is now in Michigan.

I guess my favorite is the "Whole lot of dudes" Vine.

**Pat Rick’s note: My favorite is the “Dudes to the right, dudes to the left, stuck in the middle with youuuu” one**

10. For any ND fans making the trip out to Chestnut Hill, what are the absolute must-dos and must-sees and must-eats for Irish fans visiting for the first time?

Oh man, head to the North End if you want some great Italian food. I am also a big fan of Eagle’s Deli if you want to try a burger challenge. Eat a pound of burger and a pound of fries and get your picture on the wall.

11. Give me a prediction for the game - I need a score, a winner, and your reasoning.

BC is going to get trucked. I am a sad and defeated man. I am going to go ND 42 BC 10, with the Eagles scoring a garbage touchdown at the end of the 4th quarter.

12. Anything else ND fans should know about BC's team, coach, program, traditions, fans, etc.?

We would like to be good again. That would be nice.


I want to give a big shout out to everyone over at BC Interruption, and encourage you all to check out their coverage leading up to kickoff, as well as to follow AJ and the site on Twitter for any breaking updates. There’s no better place to get information on this week’s opponent.

As always, go Irish, and please, for the love of God, beat BC.