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Notre Dame Football: The Five Best Tweets We Saw This Week

Twittermania returns with a tweets about cute Notre Dame fans and Milo Ventimiglia’s trip to South Bend

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market Photo illustration by Mary Turner/Getty Images

Twitter, as my friend Tim O’Connor once said, is the world’s greatest sports bar. My gameday tradition is to keep a computer nearby and enjoy the hilarious and sometimes insightful commentary from Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans.

Here are five tweets I saw this week that I enjoyed immensely — and I think you will too. We call this segment TWITTERMANIA. Welcome to Week 3.


It’s kind of amazing that Twittermania isn’t just five tweets of adorable children in Notre Dame gear. Between this boy’s wry smile (and cute-as-hell combover) and his dad’s cheeky caption, this tweet deserved inclusion this week.

Unfortunately, dreams did not become reality.


Paul Rigney makes the countdown again this week, for his wife’s total “I swear I didn’t just call you a dick to Siri” text. Also, don’t go searching for the movie “Dick.” Because you may find the 1999 film staring Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. may have to avert your eyes and close your laptop quickly when your wife enters the room.


You may not know the name Russ Cundiff, but there’s a good chance you know something he’s produced.

Cundiff is the co-founder with Milo Ventimiglia of Divide Pictures, which has produced the Internet/TV shows “Chosen” and “The PET Squad” and the movies “Tell” and “Static.” He’s also going to be executive producing Ventimiglia’s new NBC show, “Greenlit,” and a FOX series, “Kin.” (He apparently prefers to produce projects that only have one-word titles.)

Two of Ventimiglia’s closest friends were on opposite sides of Saturday’s tilt: Cundiff is a rabid Georgia fan and Dino DeMilio (who is a good follow on Twitter, see below) is a life-long Notre Dame guy. So naturally, when Cundiff, DeMilio and Ventimiglia wandered near the Notre Dame locker room they attracted some attention.

Russ got the wrong kind, getting himself bounced by the head coach of all people. For reference, here’s what Russ was wearing.

Brian Kelly may not have handled everything perfectly on Saturday, but good call on making Russ wait outside.


At 212,000 square feet, Compton Family Ice Arena is slightly smaller than the Stegeman Coliseum — where Georgia Bulldogs’ basketball and gymnastics teams compete. Georgia has a hockey team, although it’s non-varsity. They’re called the ICE DAWGS, which conjures up this image for me:

Duane Chapman Signs Copies Of 'When Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given' Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images


I’m not going to lie. It’s kind of awkward following an 11-year-old on Twitter. But if I’m going to make an exception, I’m going to make it for Max. He’s a die-hard Notre Dame fan, which is great. But what really impresses me is his internal motor. The kid knows what he wants and he’s willing to work hard to get it. This spring, he ran a 10 kilometer race in 50 minutes and raised $3,725 for the Kinzler Foundation. That included a $1,000 donation from Minnesota Gophers coach P.J. Fleck.

I love everything about this tweet. Max is not the biggest dude by any stretch of the imagination. But he’s going to pop someone in the mouth and see if they have the same intestinal fortitude that he does. I love it.

...and one more you should see:

This is a good reminder that Paul Finebaum will say practically anything, even if it isn’t true. Related: I didn’t even read (or watch?) the last comment he made about Brian Kelly. He has zero connections to the program and he just makes up nonsense.