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One Foot Down Mailbag: What Must Be Done to Avoid Another Georgia Takeover

Georgia fans essentially took over Notre Dame Stadium last Saturday. What must be done to avoid this situation? The solution is quite simple

We’re back with another edition of the One Foot Down Mailbag. Let’s see what Irish fans want to talk about this week.

I do believe there is one, and only one, thing the athletic department can do to avoid an opposing team to take over Notre Dame Stadium. The answer is quite simple.

Produce a product on the field that is must see. Have the product be so good that your so your fans don’t want to miss a game. The product on the field right now is such where fans don’t really care if they miss a game or two.

They now have all the fancy schmancy stuff like the video board and wifi that “enhances the fan experience”, but what would really enhance the fan experience would be having a product on the field that makes going to the games worth while.

Hmm, very interesting. Probably something like he turns into the Hulk, with all the rage, but none of the muscles.

He’d probably get very close to winning the show, but ultimately would fall short and the panel would win.

This is a very good question and there is no wrong answer here. There are a million different questions I wish I could ask Brian Kelly. My question is probably different than most. Mine is simply why does he run so many plays that go east-to-west. All the bubble screens and jet sweeps just drive me crazy. If they counted yardage east-to-west, the Irish probably would have had 600 yards of offense against Georgia. The goal of the game is to go north-to-south, why do we not see more of a downhill running attack. Especially when we supposedly have a good offensive line.

And no I don’t think he’d be truthful. He’d probably give some vague answer why jet sweeps and bubble screens lead to more yardage even though it doesn’t seem like it.

I’m sure most other fans have something different they’d ask Kelly. What say you, Irish fans?

Because Notre Dame has an 8-4 type of coach with the occasional successful season...and the people running the show at ND seem perfectly okay with that, even though almost the entire fanbase thinks differently.

For one, establishing a run game and I mean really establishing it. Notre Dame didn’t have a run game against Georgia, and for the most part Wimbush looked like exactly what he is — a first year starter. Granted, he was facing one of the best defenses in college football.

That said, give it more than two games to make a judgement on Wimbush. We don’t know how good or not good he is. But a strong running attack can make Wimbush look much better, quickly.

All right, that’s all we have for you for this week’s edition of the OFD Mailbag. Next week hopefully we’re talking about Brandon Wimbush throwing for 400 yards and EQ catching 3 TD passes. In the meantime, stay tuned to OFD for all coverage leading up to Notre Dame’s tilt with Boston College.