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Notre Dame Haiku: Boston College Week

What do you do after a gut-wrenching loss? Haiku it!

It’s been a rough few days after the Notre Dame Fighting Irish lost to the Georgia Bulldogs, 20-19. Seriously... one lousy point (alright, TWO lousy points) made all the difference between believing in this team, and believing that the ghosts of the 2016 season are still haunting us all.

We have at least 10 games left in the season and I for one will at least enjoy the splendor of college football, even if the next one up is the Boston College Eagles.

Well... for a while anyways. This stuff is soul-crushing. Let’s kickoff the week right and get put our Haiku skills out on the table.

I’ll start of with a couple, and then I ask you to join me in the comment section below. Any posted on Twitter that I see, I’ll be sure to post here as well.


Notre Dame’s run game
On life support from Georgia
Free Dexter Williams

Who steps up this week?
Well, someone has to do it
Newsome for Heisman

Brian Kelly’s mad
He wants to move on and win
Eagle wings get clipped