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This Guy is Going to Play Notre Dame Football: #39 Jonathon Doerer

Read More About his Fiery Flat Top Fro.....AND his Leg

Check out the Fire Flat Top Fro

Our player profile series continues for the youth and will be done in more LIGHTNING ROUND style than what we are doing with the upperclassmen.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have 21 new recruits on the team ... and we now profile #39, Jonathon Doerer.

5 Bullet Points to Think About

  1. He has some A+ hair potential....A kicker needs an “it” Factor, and his Fiery Flat top Fro (thats got a nice ring) could be that factor
  2. He has a big frame and a big leg standing at 6’3
  3. He was a 3 star recruit that was originally committed to Maryland, before changing his mind for the Irish
  4. With Justin Yoon’s health in question, we could see Jonathon handle kickoff duties this fall, with Tyler Newsome handling punts.
  5. His stats are pretty ridiculous compared to the college kicking recruiting standards (yes, that is a thing). 78 yards per kickoff and 4+ Second punting hang time.
Recruiting averages