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Notre Dame Football: Happy Birthday, Kofi Wardlow!

Here are the other poor souls celebrating cake day during summer camp.

Kofi Wardlow
Twitter @ISDUpdate

Kofi Wardlow turns 19 today. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish freshman defensive lineman will celebrate with a grueling 2 hour, 40 minute practice at Culver, Indiana.

Happy birthday to Kofi. We hope his day is memorable, even if it doesn’t include a time-honored Notre Dame student tradition: Traveling to Windsor, Ontario to gamble and drink (legally!).

We at One Foot Down will surely pour one out for the poor souls who have birthdays during camp this year. I don’t think anyone’s idea of cake day fun is being surrounded by 84 sweaty guys while some middle-aged man yells at you for missing a run fit or jumping a snap.

Thanks to Blue & Gold Illustrated’s 2017 preview magazine (buy here), we know there are nine Irish players with August birthdays:

  • Wardlow, who was born on the same day that two American embassies were bombed — which resulted in Osama bin Laden being put on the FBI’s ten most wanted list.
  • Fifth year tight end Durham Smythe, who was born on the very day Jerry Garcia died.
  • Freshman tackle Robert Hainsey, who is a legitimate competition for the starting right tackle position. In Hainsey’s hometown, Pittsburgh Penguins co-owner Roger Marino was backpedaling after it became knowledge that he had visited Kansas City and Houston arenas “just to see what was out there.” In Chicago, a 7-year-old and an 8-year-old were held in the killing of 11-year-old Ryan Harris. They were the youngest murder defendants in U.S. history — but they didn’t do it.
  • Senior center Sam Mustipher, who is turning 21 this year and can therefore soon legally obtain a license to fly a gyroplane in the England. (That’s provided he can fit in the cockpit.)
  • Senior ROVER Drue Tranquill, who was born on a day in which Lance Ito considered stepping aside from his role as judge of the O.J. Simpson murder trial and baseball luminaries gathered in Dallas to eulogize Mickey Mantle.
  • Senior DE Jay Hayes, who is one day younger than Tranquill. Hurricane Felix threatened the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but never made landfall. The tourists just got a good drenching.
  • Senior linebacker Nyles Morgan, who is three days younger than Mustipher. Bob Dole and Jack Kemp headed out on the road after the Republican Convention, but let’s talk about Binti. Binti was a 7-year-old female gorilla at the Brookfield (Illinois) Zoo who cradled a 3-year-old boy who felt into her exhibit and brought the injured lad to her keepers. The boy fell 18 feet and spent four days in the hospital, but fully recovered. Experts say Binti’s tender action saved the boy’s life.
  • Freshman offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons, who is turning 18 this year. He’ll be able to purchase lottery tickets, cigarettes and a tattoo. And don’t forget to register to vote and with the Selective Service!
  • Junior cornerback Shaun Crawford, who is also turning 21 this year. Speaking of cigarettes, Bill Clinton declared war on the tobacco industry on the day Crawford was born. “Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man will be out of our children’s reach forever,” the president declared.