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Notre Dame Fighting Irish Anti-Preview: Temple Owls

The football game preview for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Temple Owls with emphasis on spectacle.

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly

Welcome back all you wonderful bastards to another year of Anti-Previews for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish! If you’re new to this, the series is much more about the spectacle of a Notre Dame football game - but it still has plenty of football talk. College football is so much more than the 60 minutes that are counted down.. so let’s get to it!

Notre Dame is ready to shed the epic meltdown trash shit show horrible 4-8 season of 2016, and get to work. Brian Kelly has made a huge amount of changes across the entire program and we are all eager to see if it does the trick.

Temple Owls

No one knows who the Temple quarterback is going to be, and that probably includes Temple. Despite this, Temple has all the confidence in the world. Even as a 17.5 point underdog, the Owls are talking trash about Notre Dame.

I think our friends over at UHND said all that was needed to say about this little incident.

Temple Is Talking All The Trash And It Is Fantastic //
It never quite feels like football season has arrived until one team starts lobbing salvos at their opponent through the media. Well, the Temple Owl football team.


Please remember that the Anti-Preview is no friend of the beer snob, and we would never suggest a particular brew. That’s a bit personal.


It’s called, “The Force.” There really isn’t much more to be said about its dominance with a name like that. The recipe comes from a friend (and a HUGE closet Notre Dame fan) Michael Felder AKA @InTheBleachers. This is what we do for season openers- we kick it with, “The Force.” Yep- it’s called tradition. Forget uniforms, turf preferences, or even fullbacks- this is what TRADITION really is.


Twitter @BoroBeerPA

We like to make ours in a Gatorade cooler, the type with the spout on the bottom so that there’s no dippage, I’m a germaphobe.

  • 24 cheap beers (Natural Light is our go to)
  • 1 half gallon cheap vodka (Aristocrat will do)
  • 1 19 oz Country Time Lemonade POWDER
  • *optional is a fifth of everclear (not suitable for freshman)
  • *suggested is frozen lemonade or fruit punch concentrate (ice without watering things down)

Pour the case of beer into the cooler, add the vodka, stir in the lemonade powder. We like to put frozen blocks of ice in ziploc bags to keep it cold but strong. I will warn you that everyone’s first experience ends badly. I passed out for the first half of the UNC-Rutgers game in 2006, woke up, everyone was at the game and I was still at the house.

It is delicious though, I’ve seen it called Moose Juice and Summer Beer as well.


The answer is BURRITO. Always. Burritos are the perfect food, and can be anything at anytime. I’ve made peanut butter and jelly burritos before - it’s transcendent.

If you’re tailgating, and think burritos just aren’t the best choice for the day, you couldn’t be more wrong if you thought Brian VanGorder was going to be a good defensive coordinator.

EAT A BURRITO! (or many)


This is always the trickiest category. Normally for the first game, I get on my soapbox and preach about the awfulness of that year’s THE SHIRT. And while this year wasn’t as awful as most years (which doesn’t make it good) I understand most people like it.

Still, I offer a better suggestion. You can simply take a white shirt, and in 9 simple strokes of a spray paint can, create a much better look. You’re welcome.



It’s the season opener, so this could go in any number of directions and have many correct answers. Probably the most pertinent answer is that this game is an opportunity to finally put 2016 behind us. It’s not a given, and certainly with 11 more games it could mean almost nothing, but the chance to be 1-0 and have real momentum for the first time in a long time is vital.


  1. Bill Cosby.
  2. John Chaney.
  3. The Owls are talking some serious shit.
  4. Temple is 20-5 over the past two seasons.
  5. Temple has the ability / chance to embarrass Notre Dame inside Notre Dame Stadium in the first game since the Crossroads project was completed. Basically, there is too much chance of disaster and irony.


NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Texas Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Adams. If the hopes of the Irish faithful are fulfilled, Notre Dame will be running the ball a lot more this season. There is no better way to get off to a great start - then by getting off to a good start. By all accounts, Josh Adams has looked really good this offseason, and could be set to blow up in 2017. It starts with the Owls.

Daelin Hayes. The Fighting Irish are in desperate need of a better pass rush than what they had last season. Mike Elko’s defensive scheme should help, and the instrument of that help could be the extremely talented Daelin Hayes. Whatever quarterback Temple trots out, they could end up being lambs for the lion.


Justification and validation meet each other and share a nice cold American style lager. All of the changes that Brian Kelly made appear, at least in game one, to have worked. The Irish really come to play with determination and emotion. The jumbotron rocks wildly as the games ends Notre Dame 34, Temple 10.