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Notre Dame Football: One Thought, One Take For Temple

Introducing the new Wednesday Article featuring A Thought, 1 Hot, and 1 Cold Take for the upcoming game

Notre Dame v Syracuse Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

One Thought, One Take

Introducing a weekly post that will feature One Thought about college football, general sports, charcuterie, or other various topics. It will also feature One Hot and One Cold Take about the upcoming Notre Dame Fighting Irish game. As a reminder a HOT take is one that may be controversial/will allow me to say “called it!” (if true) and a COLD take is more obvious/less risky. The level of hotness/coldness of the takes will vary. And so I digress.


Living in California for the last 3 years was blessing and a curse. For those aware of time zones, Gameday happens at 6 am PT. I would wake up at 530 or 6 to and grab a sip of water/go to the bathroom, then climb back into bed and think I'll just "check" Gameday realllly quickly then go back to sleep….. Next thing I know I'm listening to Doris Burke and watching Central Michigan battle Bowling Green or Purdue in a fierce defensive struggle against Northern Illinois. Now that I have moved back to the Midwest, my college football routine is all out of whack. Curious to know what time zone is truly Optimal for college football fans. Vote below and leave comments - Embrace Debate folks!


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Don’t Sleep on Doris.....She’l cross you for breakfast


Cold: Equanimeous St Brown will have 100+ yards and at least 1 TD

Open the Damn Freezer.....Yes this is a safe bet to take, but I want to harp on the fact that EQ will be the safety net, blanket, safe house, and bunker for Brandon Wimbush early on in the season as he get comfortable. We will see him early and often against the Owls. Expect it to start off with short to intermediate route as Chip Long wants to ensure Wimbush settles in and the offense flows. His early success in the game will open up other options as the game progresses as they will most likely double or put a safety shaded over the top.

Hot: The Defense will force 3+ Turnovers

Temple has publicly stated they will be playing multiple quarterbacks vs. Notre Dame. Temple went into camp with 4 quarterbacks competing for the job.....and none has emerged as victorious. This is the first game of the year, which means every guy is going to want to make a big play with the limited opportunities they have. This type of mentality will lend itself to stretching plays and forcing throws. The recharged and (hopefully) more mentally sound defense will be able to capitalize on these various forced actions, which will result in multiple turnovers. This begins a new era for Notre Dame Defense and Mike Elko....but that does NOT mean I will ever forget the most epic celebration captured on film.

Until next week, Go Irish!