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Notre Dame Football: Top Tweets For Temple Week

We celebrate the artists of Twitter and contemplate what it means to be “Tuna shamed.”

Cyber Security Concerns In The Global Wake of Hacking Threat Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Welcome back to the seventh season of Twittermania, where we highlight the five best tweets tangentially related to Notre Dame Fighting Irish football to appear on the @OneFootDown timeline. (Got a great tweet for Georgia? Be sure to tag us.)

Twittermania is the inspiration for the Her Loyal Sons Twitter recap, which I enjoyed compiling during my tenure at that site. My former colleagues intend to continue #HLSRecap, which is fantastic news. Allow this to be the pre-game appetizer to that post-game dessert (or bleach, depending on the outcome).


Kudos to Patrick Pendleton (aka @PackyP), who wanted the ability to see the Notre Dame football schedule with the flick of his wrist. No one had created it, so Packy did it himself. I may disagree with his decision to get married during the football season — although I wish him and Tracy much happiness, of course — but I’m impressed with his initiative. I’m sure Packy would share his creation with other Apple Watch users if you want to hit him up on Twitter. You can also give him a follow if you’re willing to increase the amount of St. Louis Cardinals chatter in your timeline.


Does Josh Scoresby ’19 have the best friends ever? I’m going to say yes. They made him a one-of-a-kind monogram shirt that, when you get close enough, reveals a hidden message — a mantra, of sorts. Yes, Josh, Sam and Aaron: The USC Trojans undoubtedly suck.


Oh, Mitch Vingle is dead serious, Pete. Vingle didn’t give much of an explanation for slotting the Irish, who are coming off a 4-8 season, at No. 3 on his AP ballot. But he did write: “I take my vote seriously. I don’t just copy preseason mags, I research. I try to find the teams with the most talent. I vote those teams. And if, say, my No. 3, Notre Dame, fails to perform, so be it. But the Irish have a lot of talent to start.”

The Irish are consistently overrated, which fuels those who are perturbed about Notre Dame’s preferential treatment among AP voters and the NCAA. I’m still befuddled how an unranked Notre Dame squad could lose its first game in 1986 to Michigan and get enough AP votes to enter the poll at #20 before the second week.


The Michigan Wolverines unveiled alternate uniforms for its season opening matchup against the Florida Gators. Nike seemed to be all-in on the “color rush” concept permeating Thursday night NFL games, so Michigan is going to play in a urine highlighter yellow color I don’t believe we’ve seen since the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers tried to put our TV’s saturation settings to the test in 2013.

Oregon State v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The talented artist known as @ndmspaint isn’t letting news that Microsoft is killing his favorite program deter him from contributing to the news of the day. Here’s the artist — whose name I don’t know, otherwise I’d totally give him credit — reminding us where else we can most commonly find the color on Michigan’s new togs.


Rocky Boiman and I share a lot in common. And by a lot, I mean two things: We both graduated from the university in 2002 and we both enjoy One Foot Down. If this site is good enough for Rocky Boiman, it’s good enough for you.