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Notre Dame Football Will Honor Coach Ara Parseghian On Helmets This Season.

"We have no breaking point." -Ara Parseghian

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame Nation is mourning the passing of a legend, but because of what type of person Ara Parseghian was, it really has turned into a celebration of his life.

The man was incredible, and as it has been said countless times, he was a better person than a coach - and this was a coach that was one of the best that has ever lived. His dedication to his craft, and more importantly his family, is what the underlining sentiment of his legacy will always be.

One of the ways that Ara will be honored by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in 2017, will be with a special decal on the helmet. The decal will say, "ARA" and will be in place of where they normally have "IRISH" on the front, above the facemask. Notre Dame has done this before when they honored Moose Krause with a "MOOSE" decal.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly spoke to the team about Coach Parseghian and told them about the passing of a legend. At the very end of his speech to them, Kelly provided the detail about the decal honoring Ara.