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One Foot Down Mailbag - Temple Week

It’s game week, everybody! We’re back, answering all your questions.

Football is finally back, and so I am to answer all your questions. I want to try and make this mailbag as big as possible, so get the word out to all your friends and family. Let’s try and answer more and more questions every week.

I’m haven’t really seen much news on when they’d name one. I’m just going to take a wild guess and say late in the week. That said, I don’t really think it matters. I’ve seen that Temple might play as many as three different quarterbacks on Saturday. We saw it last year against Texas, the Irish played both DeShone Kizer and Malik Zaire and look how that turned out. As the old saying goes, if you have two (or in this case three) quarterbacks, you have none.

Yes absolutely. The crowd at Notre Dame Stadium has bothered me for years. The place would be much more of a snakepit if the crowd weren’t sitting on their hands the whole game. Get up, get loud. This isn’t a broadway play. You’re at a football game, don’t tell others to sit down...especially when the situation calls for standing. Hopefully the product on the field will give us a reason to stand and cheer this season. I expect the new renovations will help create a great atmosphere.

Yes I do. I think if Notre Dame gets up by enough in the second half, then we’ll see Ian Book. That is the only situation I want to see him though. I wrote about him in my recap of the New and Gold game and from what I saw he looks like a solid No. 2 option.

Interesting question. Out of those choices, I’m going with Lynch. You could tell from day one that he was going to be a stud. There was just something different about his game. Notre Dame hadn’t seen someone like him in quite some time. That 2012 defensive line was great, but I can’t imagine how much better they’d been if Lynch stuck around.

Talentwise I think they’re as good as any of them. I think they have a chance to have a really good season. That said, I thought the same of last year’s group of Josh Adams, Dexter Williams and Tarean Folston and that didn’t really pan out the way I thought. But with the combination of the offensive line and the backs, I think we should see a special running game from the Irish this season. Now we just need to see them produce.

Hello Danny in Cleveland. Yes, I did. My summer has been quite depressing because of my White Sox, although the future has me very, very excited. But I’m excited for football. I’m cautiously optimistic about the Irish this upcoming season. They have all the talent in the world, but so did last year’s team and know how that went.

Okay now to the hard hitting stuff. You know, Pat...I’m going with Air Bud. I mean the Timberwolves were in dire straits in that championship game and then bam! Air Bud shows up, puts on a show and helps win the game. That said, if you could have a wide receiving corp of both EQ and Air Bud, I don’t think there is a defensive backfield out there that could contain that duo.

Okay everybody, that’s it for this week’s mailbag. Keep getting those questions in throughout the week and we’ll include them next week. The more questions the better! You can tweet at me (@RENorell_III) or OFD (@OneFootDown). Make sure to keep up with OFD as we’ll be having content all week in preparation for #GAMEDAY.