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Notre Dame Football: How To Pronounce Irish Players’ Names

We’re here to help you dazzle your friends by saying, “That freshman Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa really impresses!”


If the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are going to continue recruiting players of Polynesian descent, then the most important part of their game notes will undoubtedly be the pronunciation guide.

Here is how to correctly pronounce the names of the some of the most unique Irish football players, courtesy of sports information director Michael Bertsch:


WR Jafar Armstrong: Juh-far
OG Hunter Bivin: biv-un
OT Liam Eichenberg: Ike-n-burg
WR Chris Finke: fink
OG Dillan Gibbons: Dillon
TE Cole Kmet: Kuh-met
TE Alizé Mack: al-Lih-zaye
OT Mike McGlinchey: muh-GLINCH-ee
WR Javon McKinley: Juh-vonn
C Sam Mustipher: Mus-tuh-fur
WR Equanimeous St. Brown: eck-wah-nihm-ee-ous
TE Nic Weishar: wish-err


ROVER Asmar Bilal: az-Mar bill-LAWL
LB Te’von Coney: tay-von
DT Darnell Ewell: Youll
DB Nicco Fertitta: KNEE-coh fur-TEE-tah
DB Jordan Genmark Heath: Jen-mark Heath
DB Alohi Gilman: Uh-low-hee
DE Daelin Hayes: DAY-lun
DT Kurt Hinish: High-nish
LB Jamir Jones: Juh-mear
DE Khalid Kareem: Kuh-lid
DT Peter Mokwuah: mock-wuh
DE Adetokunbo Ogundeji:L Ah-duh-kun-bo O-kin-dee-gee
DL Julian Okwara: Oak-wara
ROVER Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: O-woo-sue Cora-moe-uhh
DT Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa: Tag-oh-vie-oh-la Uh-moe-suh
DT Brandon Tiassum: tee-ah-sum
DE Kofi Wardlow: Ko-fee Ward-low

UPDATE (9/21): Notre Dame changed its official pronunciation guide on Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa between Week 2 and Week 3 of this season. It’s now


K Jonathan Doerer: Door-er

So the next time you hear an announcer or podcaster say, “Ah-lee-zay Mack” or “Kurt Hin-ish,” or “Brandon T-ahh-sum,” feel free to send them this handy pronunciation guide! (As a guy with a unique first name, I’m sensitive to people butchering it.)