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Notre Dame Haiku: Temple Week

Just battle-rapping some Notre Dame football haikus.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are days away from burying the 4-8 season of last year when it hosts the Temple Owls. There is an awful lot riding on this game. I know, I know... it’s Temple, but the first game is crucial.


If you’ve been around these parts before, the game haiku is your turn to provide some real honest to goodness culture to a site that’s ran by a PBR guzzling, Gang Starr listening, neighborhood cat monitor (they’re freaking everywhere).

I’ll get you started, and anyone feeling up to the task can throw down in the comment section below. Have fun and GO IRISH!

Temple Owls are woke
No more four and eight record
Adams strikes a pose

Brian Kelly smiles
The jumbotron looks damn good
Cheesesteaks were on point

New offensive scheme
Brandon Wimbush is on fire
Call him Moses, sir