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Notre Dame Football: What You Need To Know About The Wake Forest Demon Deacons


Wake Forest v Notre Dame Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The college football season is rapidly approaching and we are just getting more and more impatient. So much so, that things slip through the cracks (this preview series for opponents of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, for example).

Instead of filling your head with too much information, we offer you these choice nuggets to contemplate. If you need an in-depth preview of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, please check out Bill Connelly's excellent work.

Wake Forest

Was there a clause in the ACC contract that demands that the Irish play Wake Forest every other year? It sure feels like it as we head into the third game since 2011. Wake won a bowl game last year and Notre Dame went 4-8. The Irish also stole defensive coordinator Mike Elko and linebackers coach Clark Lea from the Demon Deacons. This has all the makings of a Pat Haden special.

5 Things You Have To Know

  1. Wake might be in a bit of trouble by the time it lands in South Bend. Their schedule looks brutal. The five weeks leading up to the Irish are the Florida State Seminoles, Clemson Tigers, BYE, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, and Louisville Cardinals.
  2. I think Wake really wants to push Kendall Hinton as the starting quarterback, but after John Wolford played in place of an injured Hinton last season, and led them to a bowl win... this could be a toss-up (even by the time this game roll around).
  3. The offense ranked 124th on the country last year. I’m not sure they’ll be much better this year, but there is only one way to go.
  4. The Demon Deacons have a really good pass rusher in Duke Ejiofor. While the rest of their front seven is pretty good, neutralizing The Duke is a good start. Senior linebacker Jaboree Williams and senior defensive end Wendell Dunn could still provide problems.
  5. Most sites list kicker Dom Maggio as one of the best players on the roster. Just thought you should know.
Louisville v Wake Forest
The Duke sacking the Heisman winner for a safety.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Worst Case Scenario

Wake shows up to play. Its best unit, the defense, takes it to another level with their old coaches roaming the Notre Dame sidelines. Scoring is low, and that damn kicking game becomes important. Ouch.

Best Case Scenario

Wake’s inefficient offense does absolutely nothing, while Notre Dame’s offense is on cruise control. That equals a fun home blowout.

Early Prediction

Notre Dame 31, Wake Forest 10. It will be a little rough at the start of the game, but as it wears on, the Irish separate themselves in the second half against a team that just doesn’t have the firepower to keep up.