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My Time At The NEW Notre Dame Stadium

The long awaited renovations did not disappoint!

Background story: my aunt graduated from St. Mary’s in the 90’s so she has a few Notre Dame connections. Somehow, someway she was able to set us up on a tour on the new stadium a little more than a month ago. Now that the season is less than three weeks away, I thought it was a great time to share what I saw, and what fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish can expect this season.

Obviously, the biggest change will be the addition of the jumbotron. It is as advertised. I know some “old school” fans could be skeptical of all the new changes. The jumbotron is a much needed addition. Fans in the stadium want to see instant replays and now they will be able to. The one question I did have is, how will this affect the fans sitting in the end zone underneath the jumbotron? It is now the only scoreboard in the stadium. I am sure this will take some getting used to but the addition of the jumbotron is something I am looking forward to.

The biggest “wow” moment I had during the tour was when we went through the suite level seating. This is next level stuff. Now I know 95% of fans will never get to experience this but the addition of suite level viewing gives Notre Dame Stadium a whole new dimension. The view from the seats is the best in the stadium. I guess it should be if you have to pay $30,000(!!!!!) just to reserve the seats. Then, of course, you have to pay for the price of the game tickets. The inside of the suite level includes a full service bar and even a roof top viewing area. I would recommend finding a way to tour the new stadium. It is that eye opening. Below is the view from one of the seats.

The new stadium benches and new locker room were still under construction when I was there. From all accounts, the locker room gets an A+ grade from those who have been inside of it. Notre Dame is spending the money to renovate and update their football facilities. They really did a great job. You will be impressed going to games this year. Let’s hope the team plays up to the new stadium’s level.