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Notre Dame Football: Why Are Shamrocks Stickers On The Helmet?

Are there more surprises in store for the Notre Dame football helmet in 2017?

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have one of the most iconic uniforms and helmets in college football. When changes are made, there is a lot of public interest in what those changes are, and how they will look.

Brian Kelly has already stated that the Notre Dame helmet will have an "ARA" decal where there is usually an "IRISH" one. Is there something else going on as well?

Shamrock pride stickers on the helmet. WHAT IN THE NAME OF LEAHY IS GOING ON HERE?

Outside of these pictures, I haven't heard of any plan to use these on the helmets this year. Yes, those pics are of the helmets being used at practice right now, but we're talking about practice.

Notre Dame has already introduced a complicated shirt coloring scheme complete with meme mottos, so who's to say that these decals aren't just meant for practice time.

Not me - not yet. I do think that these are just for practice time, and I don't think that we will see these on the helmets for a game this year. But... I wouldn't put it past the program to slide these in with all of the other new stuff going on with the completed Campus Crossroads project.

What if they did decide to use these pride stickers (which wouldn't be the first time Notre Dame did this type of thing)? Would you like that move? Would you throw up in your lap?

Let us know.


If Notre Dame football used shamrock pride stickers...

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