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This Guy is Going to Play Notre Dame Football: #94 Darnell Ewell

A massive monster of a man who looks to soon dominate opposing offensive lines

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Our player profile series continues for the youth and will be done in more LIGHTNING ROUND style than what we did with the upperclassmen.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have 21 new recruits on the team ... and we now profile #94, Darnell Ewell.

5 Bullet Points to Think About

  • Ewell was the Irish’s highest rated defensive recruit in the Class of 2017 as a composite Top247 recruit according to 247Sports. His potential to be an impact player down the road has been generally agreed upon.
  • But even though he was a highly rated recruit across the board, Myron Tagavailoa-Amosa and Kurt Hinish are ahead of him fundamentally ahead of him according to Brian Kelly.
  • The dude is an absolute mammoth. He’s one of the most intimidating guys that Notre Dame has to offer, even if he’s a bit of a project at this point.
  • Expect a redshirt for Ewell this year. If the reports are to be believed, he’s behind the other two freshmen defensive tackles and could use a year to develop.
  • Remember all that talk about being highly rated? He’s the highest rated defensive lineman that the Irish has landed since Isaac Rochell. Is this arbitrary? Possibly. But if he can have an impact like Rochell, I don’t think any Notre Dame fan would complain.