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This Guy is Going to Play Notre Dame Football #41: Kurt Hinish

The freshman can find his way onto this year’s defensive line.

Our player profile series takes a turn towards the youth and will be done in more LIGHTNING ROUND style than what we are doing with the upperclassmen.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish brought 21 recruits into the fold ... let’s meet Kurt Hinish.

5 Bullet Points to Think About:

  • Hinish is a three-star recruit out of Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. Hopefully he can bring some Steel City toughness to the defensive line.
  • His classmate Darnell Ewell will hopefully be right beside him in the near future on the defensive line.
  • Hinish could play a role on the line as early as this season, as Brian Kelly has said Hinish has actually outperformed the higher caliber recruit Ewell so far.
  • Hinish is a little shorter than most defensive tackles, coming in at 6’ 2’’. Mike Elko probably hopes he can make up for the lack of height in strength and agility.
  • Notre Dame also signed linebacker Dave Adams from Central Catholic, who won a state title with Hinish in 2015.